Thoughts and updates

rachel hull

Hi There... I am busy working on getting the shop ready to open up.  All merchandise has been ordered and should be arriving soon.  I will be open for business by the time you can read these blogs, but, I thought I might give you a little insight into what this process has entailed.  I have literally poured my heart into creating this and hope you know how excited I am to bring this to you! I really hope you love what I've come up with!  All along the way I have wanted to create the most personal online experience possible.  I know,...

First Post

rachel hull

Hey There Doll, WELCOME to HELLO DOLLY.  We are so glad you decided to stop by.  We really think you'll like it here.  Take some time to look around, get to know our store and send me a message to say hi. I can always be reached at  I'll start by telling you a little about ME.  Ever since I was a little girl I have loved clothes.  I can remember wearing two or three outfits every single day when I was little.  I just could never have enough!  Needless to say, as I grew up it never changed. ...